A New Approach to Learning & Remembering Bird Calls!!


Image by: Jim Bendon, Flickr Creative Commons

Is learning bird song hard for you?

Do you long to know who's singing outside your window, but just have now idea where to start?

Or, maybe you believe that it is simply impossible to identify bird song because you weren't born with that gift.

I used to believe this too.

I really never thought I could identify a bird by its song like the experts.

But, over time... with serious patience & determination.. I discovered a system that actually started to get through to my non-musically trained mind.

You see, the typical approaches to learning bird song never worked for me.

So, I had to step outside the box and create something totally new and unique just for me.

And now I'm making that system available to you. 

Bird Mentor Presents:  

a 6 week mentor-supported course

What you get . . .
The 5 game changing questions to ask yourself whenever you hear a new bird call.
One engaging skill-packed video every week for 6 weeks
Unique techniques to help you learn & remember bird song that you can start implementing right away.
Daily activities that put what you learn in the videos into practice, thereby catapulting your skills to the next level.
A course that fits into your schedule.  

Watch all of the videos, do all of the exercises, jump on all of the calls
Simply watch the short weekly video and still gain the skills you desire. 

6 Group Mentoring Zoom sessions.... ask questions, learn from others, receive coaching and additional lessons.

Sundays 8pm Eastern

Personalized online support from Kristi or one of the other Bird Mentors. 


Connect with others on our private Facebook page. 

Ask the ?'s that you’ve been itching to ask, learn from other birders, share your stories.

The Difference  

6 Weeks Can Make


You don't have to wait any longer!

Join me for my next class and build your confidence birding by ear. 


ONLY $127

If you enroll by Wednesday, July 15th

**Enrollment will automatically guarantee your spot in a special webinar with world renown bird song recordist, writer and photographer, Lang Elliott & me,

"The Cacophony of Sound ~ A Conversation About How Birders Hear Sounds"

After July 15th, the price goes back up

to $147

... the class begins

August 5th, 2020

To save your spot


If you're not sure yet

I'll message you 2 weeks before

the course begins to check in.

If you are still on the fence, check out the testimonials below to read what others had to say.

"THANK YOU so much for this course! I am noticing more and more how this new way of listening is seeping into all parts of my life and shifting the way I am present in the world, and I love it.

I also notice that being able to pay better attention to the songs of the birds individually is helping my overall bird language skills, the same way it's easier to listen to a foreign language and not tune out if I understand some of the words. So... wonderful, altogether.
Thank you!"
~Susannah M. 

"I loved your course. I have been birding for 20 years and wish I'd had this approach from the get go! Thanks."
~ Carolyn M.

Kristi Dranginis is the best bird coach ever.
~ Deborah D., Small Business Owner

"Thank you so much for this course. Your lessons are fabulous. I'm actually a professional (but very visual!) ornithologist, who also has no musical roots and struggles to ID calls and songs, even for birds that I observe regularly! I think, however, that your tricks will come in very handy, and I plan to work them into my birding routine.  Love your teaching style. Thanks for making bird education fun! Keep up the great work." ~ Jessica S., Ornithologist

"Kristi brings a meticulous system of observation to the art of birding that I haven’t seen with other expert birders."~ Dwight F., Accountant

"Thank you very much for your mentorship. It was wonderful to spend time watching your videos. You have provided me with tools and confidence to continue on my own for a while. I am truly grateful."
~ Stephanie B.

"I've got a "testimonial" that goes all the way back to the bird song class from almost a year ago. I think the class has just started-and we were encouraged to come up with our own ways to transcribe Birdsong into something we would remember. I went to the Bosqe del Apache with Brant. Raymond VanBuskirk pointed out the flight call we were hearing as a greater yellowlegs. I thought it sounded like "trick or treat." So today at bitter Lake Wildlife refuge, I was watching some shore birds flying and making a loud call. I thought, that sounds like trick-or-treat again – which helped me hone in quickly on the ID. I kept hearing lots of yellowlegs trick-or-treaters as I went through the refuge! I would never have remembered that call and whose it was if I hadn't followed Kristi's advice and come up with my own words for the call."
~ Deanna N., Public School Employee

"Kristi, you taught me how to learn about birds, not just bird facts."
~ Elyse K., Dentist

"Kristi helps bring the world of birds and bird songs alive in a way that helped me, a newbie, to better see and hear birds.  She is so very knowledgeable and approachable, a gem as a teacher and as a birder."
~ Suzanne N-K, Self-employed

“I want to thank you so much for the class! I’m sad it’s the last week! I’ve learned so much and am much more tuned into bird song than ever before. Thanks to being more aware of the songs, I noticed the song of Blue-gray Gnatcatcher - a bird I never knew before. And then, a couple weeks later, I realized a pair had built a nest on our tree!! Such a lovely discovery thanks to all this!”  ~ Dr. Sandra de S., Psychologist

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